Faculty of International Studies


1. Introduction:
The Faculty of International Studies is responsible for introducing, consulting and providing International programs in 03 levels: community college, undergraduate and postgraduate; short-term study abroad programs and English programs to Vietnamese students who want to attain International certificates and qualifications.

Certificate of Registration of Study Abroad Consulting Services No. 2980 issued by the People's Committee of Hanoi City - Department of Education and Training for the second time on July 12, 2019. (Click HERE for the Certificate)

2. Function and tasks: In accordance with the regulations on organizing activities issued together with Decision No. 84/QD-DN dated June 1, 2010.
- Tasks: The Faculty of International Studies is responsible for advising and training human resources with good knowledge, proficient practical skills, the ability to work independently, highly creative, conscious and well-equipped with foreign languages, in order to provide society with a high-quality workforce that meets the economic and social development needs of the country.
We explore, learn, research, apply new technologies, and collaborate with foreign universities to bring advanced study programs and update to Vietnamese students.
- Functions: The Faculty of International Studies is responsible for introducing, advising, and providing quality, internationally standardized training programs to give students a solid knowledge foundation and life skills to be confident to meet changes and integrate with the world.

3. Vision: The Faculty of International Studies hopes that students would not be limited at studying and researching with the Faculty but they could find new directions, broaden their visions, acquire new knowledge, and self-improvements to contribute to strengthening and developing our nation.  
4. Operational philosophy: 

Knowledge - Sharing - Opportunities