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The distinctive features of the Master’s degree program in Pharmaceutical Management at Dai Nam University

Dai Nam University (DNU) is one of the top non-public universities to receive training licenses from the Ministry of Education and Training for the Master’s degree program in Pharmaceutical Management. 

After 2 years of ongoing training, Dai Nam has affirmed the excellence of the application-oriented Master’s degree program in Pharmaceutical Management; fulfilling the demanding social requirement for learning to enhance capabilities in the field of organization and management of Pharmacy.

In 2020, Dai Nam University enrolled the first postgraduate training program in Pharmaceutical Management (major code 8720412) after having 03 cohorts of graduates in Pharmacy.

In order to offer the Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Management, Dai Nam University has well-prepared necessary conditions to carry out enrollment, fulfilling the intensive learning requirements of personnel in pharmaceutical companies, enterprises and organizations in the Northern area.

Up to now, the University has enrolled 02 postgraduate cohorts in Pharmaceutical Management with high entrance quality.

The Master’s degree program in Pharmaceutical Management of DNU is designed following a full-time concentrated system from 18-24 months. The total credits of the program is 60 credits, including: 06 credits of general knowledge, 22 credits of basic knowledge, 20 credits of specialized knowledge and 12 credits of Master's thesis.

With the orientation of applied training, DNU's training program aims to improve professional knowledge, help students enhance their abilities in grasping career opportunities, expand relationships, and create connections in their current and future work.

At the end of the training course, postgraduate students in Pharmaceutical Management of Dai Nam University are highly capable of managing organizational activities of Pharmaceutical enterprises; working independently and being creative; detecting and solving problems in the specialized fields; exposing to new knowledge and technologies; being responsible for work; cooperating well with colleagues and having both qualifications and ethics in the practical field according to the standards of Pharmaceutical staff in the healthcare sector.

Why study Master’s degree program in Pharmaceutical Management at Dai Nam University?

Firstly, DNU is one of the top non-public universities receiving training licenses from the Ministry of Education and Training for the Master’s degree program in  Pharmaceutical Management, which proves that Dai Nam University has sufficient legal basis and  conditions for training that not all long-standing and large training institutions can achieve.

Secondly, in order to launch this program, Dai Nam University has a team of professional full-time lecturers acquiring PhD degrees and higher teaching basic knowledge and specialized knowledge. In addition, the University also has a team of visiting lecturers from Institutes, Faculties, Ministries, Departments, Branches, Universities and Research Institutes throughout the country to train intensive knowledge in the field of Pharmaceutical Management.

Thirdly, the facilities serving for this Master’s degree are  perfectly assured with a system of theoretical classrooms, modern libraries, separate Pharmaceutical practical centers at University with modern equipment for practical experience,  committing that postgraduate students could study and research effectively. 

Fourthly, the applied training program provides the most intensive and specialized knowledge in the field of Pharmaceutical Management, thereby supporting students to improve their knowledge, management and organization skills to manage their works, meeting the requirements of the key positions as managers. At the same time, it helps students improve thinking  methods of planning and establishing organizations and projects development strategies in both short, medium and long term.

In particular, DNU's training program helps students systematize the basic knowledge necessary for their management work, such as: ‘How to make plans effectively?’; ‘How to carry out a scientific research topic accurately?’ Or intensive knowledge of specialized fields such as ‘how to manage to develop our products?’ in Pharmaceutical Marketing; ‘how to manage Pharmaceutical enterprises effectively’ in Pharmaceutical Business Administration, etc…

Another advantage when majoring in this program at DNU is that students could receive instructions and guidance from both well-experienced lecturers and their own "leaders' besides learning and exchanging with colleagues in the field of Pharmacy. All forms a great ecosystem for students’ career growth.

Dr. Ngo Thi Hong Van, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy - in charge of Postgraduate Training,

Dai Nam University