DNU Educational Ecosystem

DNU Educational Ecosystem for students aims to achieve competency standards upon graduation

Dai Nam University's mission is: "Training graduates to lead fulfilling lives and become upstanding citizens". To realize this mission, Dai Nam University has built an educational ecosystem for students to achieve competency standards upon graduation following 03 criteria: Gain professional knowledge and apply to practical situations; have positive attitudes towards work and life and a habit of lifelong physical training.

Firstly, training on specialized knowledge and practical application skills

The core training program is based on the practical demand, inspiring students of Dai Nam University to learn anytime, anywhere

1. The training program of every major focuses on core knowledge and practical demands, including must-study knowledge in the student's field of study to graduate (specialized knowledge, office skills, and English language proficiency). The program teaches students self-learning and research methods to develop a lifelong learning habit.

Diverse and flexible forms of testing, evaluation, and examination, minimizing students’ pressure while ensuring the quality of education

2. Reducing examination pressure by flexible examination and assessment methods that are appropriate for the students' capabilities and social requirements.

3. Applying information technology and artificial intelligence so that students could "learn and take exams anytime, anywhere" for each subject.

4. Maximizing practical experience while combining academic and practical elements of education at practice centers of University; experience at prestigious hospitals, businesses, and organizations suiting all fields of study and majors at the university.

From the 1st year and throughout the course, Dai Nam students have maximum experience between learning and practicing 

5. Building and developing a professional, modern, and dedicated academic advising system to accompany and support students throughout their academic program.

6. Creating the most favorable conditions to provide financial support for students during their studies at the University through practical programs, paid internships at businesses, and scholarships from businesses. Regularly connecting with recruiters to offer career opportunities for students upon graduation.

Secondly, maintain positive attitudes towards work and life

1. Students at Dai Nam University are trained and encouraged to develop positive attitudes towards work and life from their first year through basic and advanced skills courses taught by professors and businessmen from businesses following American University models. 

Soft skills courses help students know how to maintain positive attitudes towards work and life

2. Students are trained about discipline, will, courage, and responsibility towards themselves, their families, and their country through the training program of national security and defense education.

3. In particular, youth union activities and social volunteering programs help students spread love and gratitude to their beloved ones (parents, family, society, and country).

4. Parents always accompany the University throughout the learning and training process so that students are spiritually supported to complete their studies at the University.

Thirdly, building a lifelong habit of physical exercise

Dai Nam University's unique physical education program highly interests both lecturers and students

Physical education is a compulsory subject for every Vietnamese student. At Dai Nam University, the distinctive feature in the training program is that students could choose the type of sports that suit their interests and health such as: martial arts, yoga, dance, soccer, etc., from their first year.

Through these selected courses based on individual interests, students will develop a passion for physical exercise and a lifelong habit of staying healthy.

With the most prioritized mission of achieving 03 training outcome standards, all staff and faculty members at Dai Nam University are constantly striving together to fulfill the University's mission. Dai Nam University will gradually attempt to ensure that students are offered the highest quality education and the most favorable conditions at the University, receive career opportunities with high income upon graduation, have fulfilling lives and become upstanding citizens as DNU's mission aims.

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