Office of Administrative Management

Office of Administrative Management is a unit directly under Dai Nam University, with the function of consulting and assisting the Chairman and Governing Board in the management and performance of Administration - Human Resources; Documentation - Archive, etc.

I. Functions

Office of Administrative Management is a unit directly under Dai Nam University, with the function of consulting and assisting the Chairman and Governing Board in the management and performance of Administration - Human Resources; Documentation - Archive; Reception - Ceremony; Purchase and Property Management; Business Exploitation; Medical; Library; Dormitory Management; Technical Support; IT; Security; Housekeeping; Driving.

II. Tasks

1. Human resource management:

  • Preparing and proposing annual recruitment plans for departments. Being the focal unit in recruiting, and coordinating with relevant units to evaluate probationary staff.

  • Coordinating with other units to manage officials, lecturers, and employees; managing personnel profiles and resumes; taking charge of the organization and monitoring procedures for the receipt, extension, and termination of labor contracts.

  • Drafting rules and regulations for human resource management.

  • Monitoring the implementation of regulations on labor and human resource management issued by Dai Nam University.

  • Submitting staff recruitment and organization documents to the Chairman and Governing Board for promulgation in accordance with their competence. 

  • Being the focal unit in research and development of projects on the establishment, merger, and dissolution of organizations within Dai Nam University.

  • Consulting, developing, and submitting the strategy and planning for the development of staff, lecturers, and organizational structure of Dai Nam University to the Chairman and Governing Board for approval.

  • Consulting the Chairman and Rector on the appointment, dismissal, and transferring of leadership positions, staff and lecturers within the University; taking charge of staff planning to meet the development needs of Dai Nam University.

  • Being the focal unit in assisting the Chairman and Governing Board in the management and direction of emulation and commendation.

  • Storing and updating information on personnel profiles and books; consolidating reports and statistical forms on personnel at the request of superiors; producing monthly HR reports.

  • Coordinating with other units in the management of visiting lecturers' profiles. 

  • Managing and organizing the implementation of policies, procedures for social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, confirmation of seniority, and other regimes for staff; disseminating new policies and regimes, complete procedures for severance, unpaid leave, maternity leave, etc. for staff, according to the current regime.

  • Confirming signatures and documents certifying staff working at Dai Nam University.

  • Authorized by the Rector to sign temporary, collaborative, or part-time labor contracts with a term of less than 6 months.

  • Taking charge of consolidating administration and management reports at the request of superiors, or as assigned by the Board of Dai Nam University.

2. Administration - Documentation - Archive:

  • Being the focal unit for purchasing and distributing supplies, equipment and tools for working and teaching as per current regulations of Dai Nam University.

  • Consulting and building a system of documents for the management of documentation and archive of Dai Nam University.

  • Receiving and classifying documents from internal and external units; submitting received documents to the Boards; archiving original documents.

  • Taking charge of professional work related to the documentation, archive, and examination of forms and procedures in the issuance of administrative documents.

  • Preserving and using the seal of Dai Nam University in accordance with the law.

  • Organizing archives to store current documents. 

  • Issuing working papers and reference letters for staff; Issuing permits; providing employee cards and student cards; certifying copies of documents, transcripts, and diplomas of Dai Nam University students.

3. Reception - Ceremony:

  • Being in charge of reception and direction of telephone switchboard. They welcome guests of the University leaders; preparing for and serving drinks at meetings. 

  • Being responsible for ceremonies; coordinating with the IT and Technical team to ensure decoration, sound, lighting, catering, and other facilities for significant events of Dai Nam University.

  • Being the focal unit for receiving information, informing departments and units to prepare facilities for the University activities.

4. Business exploitation and property management:

  • Searching for partners and carrying out procedures for the University's economic and service contracts.

  • Functioning as the focal unit for purchasing and distributing supplies, equipment and tools for working and teaching as per current regulations of Dai Nam University.

  • Managing and monitoring signed contracts, and submitting periodic business reports to the Board of the University.

  • Taking charge of the management, repair, and maintenance of buildings, electrical and refrigeration system, water supply and drainage system, sanitary equipment, and facilities within Dai Nam University campus. 

  • Managing and monitoring the use of equipment for management and training among units of the University.

  • Managing books of all assets, including: land, buildings, machinery & equipment, and tools. Keeping records and papers related to machinery and equipment.

  • Implementing annual inventory of assets and irregular inventory upon request; inputting data on the increase and decrease of assets; coordinating with the Office of Finance and Accounting to liquidate damaged and unusable assets. Computerizing property management at the unit and each department.

  • Coordinating with functional departments to equip protection clothing that meets labor safety standards; consulting on procurement, management, repair, and maintenance of fire prevention and fight equipment, and supervising the implementation of fire prevention and fighting in the University.

  • Coordinating with functional units to organize the layout of lecture halls in accordance with the training plan of the University. Taking charge of the operation of the lecture hall system to ensure teaching and learning quality.

5. Medical care:

  • Organizing medical check-ups at the beginning of the school year for students admitted as the regulations.

  • Organizing healthcare for officials, staff, lecturers, and students working, teaching, and learning at Dai Nam University; Promptly dealing with outpatients or referring them to higher hospitals as regulations of the Medical sector.

  • Planning budget and submitting requests to purchase medicines; managing the dispensing of medicine in accordance with regulations of the Healthcare sector. Ensuring drug safety.

  • Coordinating with other departments to ensure environmental sanitation, epidemic prevention, and food safety.

6. Library:

  • Processing, arranging, storing, preserving, and managing documents; building a compatible search system; establishing automated information access and search network; Building databases.

  • Supplementing and developing domestic and foreign sources of information to meet the University demand for teaching, learning, scientific research, and technology transfer; receiving documents published by the University, accepted scientific research works, conference documents, graduate theses, master theses, doctoral theses of students, staff, and lecturers, training programs, textbooks, lecture sets, and other forms of materials, sponsored publications, and exchange materials between libraries.

  • Managing borrowing and returning of textbooks, references, journals, etc. for readers (officials, lecturers, students) in accordance with current regulations.

  • Consolidating the library’s activities, statistics and reports at the request of superiors and the University.

7. Dormitory management:

  • Developing short-term and long-term plans for the management, use, and development of the dormitory; developing plans to build, repair, upgrade, and purchase equipment for the dormitory.

  • Managing student accommodation in accordance with the regulations; registering temporary residence for students staying at the dormitory.

  • Assigning on-call personnel at the dormitory 24/7.

  • Periodically checking and proposing remedial measures for the water supply and drainage system, electric power system, infrastructure and equipment of the dormitory.

  • Coordinating with local police to take measures to ensure security and order, and protect students’ lives and properties in the dormitory; coordinating with the Department of Health to perform public hygiene and epidemic prevention in the dormitory.

8. Technical support:

  • Being responsible for property management and maintenance; managing the use of electricity and water, fire prevention and fighting, occupational safety and hygiene. 

  • Timely resolving incidents; developing and submitting plans for major repair and maintenance of assigned items, assets, and equipment.

  • Regularly monitoring and updating data on the purchase and liquidation of equipment to report to the University Council.

  • Coordinating with the state management offices in charge of electricity and water supply to promptly resolve incidents.

  • Coordinating with other departments to prepare facilities for the University activities when required.

9. IT:

  • Building, managing, and maintaining the computer network and facilities related to the University computer system: wireless communication devices; INDOOR, OUTDOOR devices; server system and switching devices (routers, switches, modems, etc.)

  • Maintaining and supporting the network system between Faculties and units of Dai Nam University. Providing consultancy and technical support for units on building and developing information network systems.

  • Administering the network system for the University Intranet and Internet connection: managing Internet connection (leased lines, ADSL lines), and ensuring information security for the entire network system, applications, and network data. 

  • Developing the network system, technical infrastructure, applications and network services for the University according to approved plans and projects.

  • Planning to purchase components, supplies, tools for maintenance, repair, replacement and troubleshooting of the University network. Monitoring data on equipment and reporting periodically to the University Board.

  • Participating in the construction of investment projects (in the field of IT), deploying IT applications and investing in IT equipment for the University.

  • Upgrading, maintaining, repairing and troubleshooting technical problems of computers, peripheral devices, LAN, and Internet connection, ensuring the continuous operation of the system.

  • Developing regulations on the network connection and data exchange in the network system, managing network users, and supporting network users to effectively utilize network resources.

  • Managing the University's digital portal: Updating information and data on the University's main website. Providing technical support and management for the sites of units within the University.

  • Coordinating with other departments to prepare facilities for the University activities when required.

10. Security:

  • Maintaining order, and protecting the properties of the University, staff, and students. Keeping the University safe. Working in shifts 24 hours a day, including Sundays and holidays.

  • Providing security for entrance exams, semesters, conferences, seminars, arts and sports events; Welcoming international guests, etc.

  • Taking responsibility for fire and explosion prevention and fighting. Detecting potential hazards and loopholes as well as recommending remedial measures.

  • Cooperating with the police, or directly protecting crime scenes; Arresting offenders and escorting them to the police office.

  • Coordinating closely with local authorities and police to protect general security of the area.

  • Submitting periodical and irregular reports on security protection to concerned offices as regulations.

  • Checking and keeping log of supplies, equipment, tools, and assets entering and leaving the campus in accordance with the regulations.

11. Housekeeping:

  • Cleaning classrooms, offices of the University leaders, teacher break rooms, restrooms, and surrounding areas; Serving drinks for students, lecturers, and staff, and at receptions and Board meetings. 

  • Monitoring and promptly reporting damaged, lost, or misplaced equipment and assets in assigned service areas.

  • Managing equipment for housekeeping; Reporting regularly to the property management unit for purchase and liquidation procedures.

  • Coordinating with other departments to prepare facilities for the University activities when required.

12. Driving:

  • Ensuring punctual and safe shuttle service for leaders. Strictly complying with the state regulations on road traffic.

  • Drivers must keep track of the vehicle’s operating schedule. Receiving monthly settlement of petrol and oil in accordance with the approved standards. Carrying out regular and periodic maintenance of vehicles according to the regulated maintenance plan.

  • Coordinating with other departments to serve the University activities when required.