About Us

Dai Nam University considered National & International integration as key methods to enhance its potential and position regionally and globally. We set a priority to build a dynamic national learning environment, along with a professional and highly internationalized working one to encourage the development of global citizens.

International integration has been implemented with numerous innovative approaches, focusing on depth and efficiency. To implement the Development strategy for the period of 2020 and a vision to 2030, Dai Nam University has given International integration special attention in recent years, especially in the training of global citizens to fulfill strict requirements in the domestic and global labor markets.

With a strong desire to develop a prestigious and highly internationalized educational institution, we look forward to associating with prominent international universities, academic institutions and organizations, especially in terms of a joint education program at undergraduate or postgraduate levels to open the first international program. We believe any cooperations between the two parties would yield a successful program in Vietnam.

For any desired cooperations, please contact International Office via email: international@dainam.edu.vn