Brand Purpose

The brand name of Dai Nam University is built on the foundation of mission, vision and core values that have been established since its inception. After more than 15 years of constant adjustment and development, Dai Nam University's brand name and reputation has become widely asserted in the national education system.

On its 15 - year path of development, Dai Nam University has witnessed remarkable efforts and success from many generations of students and lecturers. Going through different stages of development, the university’s reputation has been constantly reinforced, making it a prestigious  educational and training institution.

I. Mission

Dai Nam University was founded on November 14th, 2007 in accordance with Decision 1535/TTg of the Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. It has been known as a university for multi-disciplinary application and training since its inception.

As Dai Nam slogan says “Training graduates to lead fulfilling life and become upstanding citizens”.

II. Vision

Dai Nam University is regarded as the top priority for learners with a variety of majors. Dai Nam University’s core training concentrates on the fields of Healthcare & Protection, including Medicine, Pharmacy, and Nursing; emphasizing investment development and internationalization of fields in high demand, including: IT, Computer Science, Business Administration, International Business, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, E-commerce, Multimedia, Tourism and Travel Service Management, and Foreign Languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.)

By the year 2030, Dai Nam University is expected to rank among the most trustworthy destinations in Vietnam for learners of multiple professions.  In terms of scientific and technological research, Dai Nam aims at making significant advancements in research and technology transfer in the field of Public Health Care and Protection.

III. Educational philosophy

Our philosophy is “Learning for Change”. Our current intellect-driven society has been and will be constantly influenced by knowledge. The rapid development of science and technology greatly emphasizes the need for constant learning and adapting among learners to achieve a fulfilling life. One can not aspire to change their life if they refuse to improve their knowledge, wisdom and mindset.

IV. Core values

We strive to “build society’s trust” through our:

  • Quality & Efficiency: The best educational quality within students’ financial capabilities.

  • Devotion & Dedication: Commitment and conscientiousness are among the most precious values within the staff, lecturers, and generations of students at Dai Nam University.

  • Integrity & Respect: Honesty and forthrightness in both professional and personal lifestyles. Respect for human dignity and laws.

  • Individual talent & Collective intellect: Every breakthrough is rooted in personal creativity, but the keys to long-term success are shared knowledge and solidarity.

  • Inheritance & Innovation: Sustainable development and improvement on the basis of inheriting and upholding traditional values

V. Development mindset

We pursue sustainable development based on the foundation of "Dai Nam University - A united home", and the spirit of "One for all - All for one".

Our staff and lecturers live by the motto: "Avoid whatever shall harm students in the slightest, and pursue what is best for them".

Dai Nam University