What do economics graduates do, where do they work, and how much do they earn?

The economics sector (industry code 7310101) has always been a "hot" field no matter what stage it's in. What do economics graduates do, where do they work, and how much do they earn? Let Dai Nam University answer all your questions about this field through the following article!

What is the economics major?

Economics, is a social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. It also explores how society manages scarce resources. The study of economics aims to explain how the economy operates and how economic actors interact with each other.

In 2024, Dai Nam University is admitting 100 students for the undergraduate program in Economics.

What is the economics major?

The economics major is one of the fields closely related to politics and society. The curriculum of this major focuses on studying and understanding the laws, management methods, and problem-solving in various economic sectors such as finance, markets, agriculture, industry, and education. Students will be equipped with analytical and evaluative methods, along with problem-solving skills in the field of economics.

The Economics major is in high demand in the 2024 admissions season due to its popularity, wide range of job opportunities, versatility, and high income potential.

After graduating with a degree in Economics, what can you do, where can you work, and how much can you earn?

What to do, where to work

After graduation, Bachelor of Economics graduates can work in various positions such as:

  • Market research analyst (supply-demand); analyzing and forecasting markets, investment markets, marketing, business, etc., in businesses and economic organizations in general.
  • Specialists, consultants in business analysis, market supply-demand analysis and forecasting, investment analysis, financial analysis, investment efficiency evaluation, business investment consulting, financial investment, management, etc., in businesses, organizations, state management agencies, stock exchanges, in the current digital economy.
  • After 2 - 5 years after graduation, Bachelor of Economics graduates can work in middle and senior management positions in businesses, organizations, state management agencies in market analysis and forecasting, investment analysis, policy planning, project investment management, strategic consulting, management of economic-business activities of enterprises, in the current digital economy.
  • Entrepreneurship and self-employment: Self-management of personal finance, personal financial investment (finance, banking, insurance, real estate); Management, provision of investment advisory services, financial advice for organizations/businesses; Establishing your own business in the context of e-commerce, digital economy, digital society.
  • Become teaching and research staff in economics, investment economics, financial investment, etc., at research institutions, universities, research institutes of organizations, businesses, etc.
    The clean and modern learning environment of the Economics students at Dai Nam University.

How much is the salary?

The starting salary for a fresh graduate as an economic analyst may range from 10 to 20 million Vietnamese dong per month. This income level may vary depending on the position, experience, and skills.

Why study Economics at Dai Nam University?

  1. Short training duration: 3 years (3 semesters/year)

With a training program lasting only 3 years (equivalent to 9 semesters), students not only save time but also enter the job market earlier, seizing career opportunities sooner and developing their careers quickly.

A shorter duration also means reduced living expenses for students. This helps students and their families optimize training costs while enhancing investment efficiency for the future.

The shorter training duration also provides more flexibility for students in planning their personal and career paths. Students can quickly advance in their studies in economics, pursue higher degrees such as Master's and Doctorate.

Short training duration, students graduate 1 year earlier, gaining early access to the job market.

2. Training program aligned with social needs

Dai Nam University provides students with an economics training program that is not only theoretical but also closely aligned with the practical needs of society. This is clearly demonstrated through:

  • Real-World Projects: Students participate in real-world projects from both in-house and external units, ranging from market analysis to solving specific business problems. Through this, they have the opportunity to apply the knowledge learned in class to real-life situations, thereby honing their skills and creating real value.

  • Collaboration with Enterprises: The economics program at Dai Nam regularly collaborates with leading businesses in the field, allowing students to access the real-world business environment and gain a deeper understanding of the needs and requirements of the job market.

  • Participation in Startup Competitions: Students are encouraged and supported to participate in startup competitions, where they have the opportunity to present ideas, develop projects, and connect with industry entrepreneurs.

  • Workshops and Industry Events: Dai Nam University frequently organizes workshops, seminars, and industry events where students have the opportunity to meet and network with leading experts and entrepreneurs in the field of economics, thereby expanding their knowledge and staying abreast of new trends.

3. Practice - Internship at reputable enterprises

Students in the economics program at Dai Nam University have the opportunity to intern at: the Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy, Ministry of Industry and Trade; Eco Academy Consulting and Development Joint Stock Company; iViet Solutions Development Consulting Joint Stock Company; STI Vietnam Limited Company; Trust Nation Trading and Services Limited Company; Dong Tai Global Trading and Logistics Limited Company; John Hunt Joint Stock Company; EcomGroup Joint Stock Company; Nhan Hoa Software Limited Company; VPS Securities Joint Stock Company; MB Bank...

100% of Dai Nam University's Economics students are connected with employment opportunities after graduation.

4. Dedicated and Experienced Faculty

The faculty members are not only experienced professionals in the field of economics but also passionate mentors who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with students.

5. 100% Job Placement Assistance

All students in the Economics program are guaranteed support in finding suitable employment upon completion of the training program. Additionally, Dai Nam University has its own "Student Employment and Entrepreneurship Center" with the mission of "Educating students to have a good life and be good citizens after graduation." The center will accompany students to support them in participating in internships and part-time jobs in their field of expertise, ensuring that students gain experience and have a stable income while still studying.

6. Fixed Tuition Fees Throughout the Program

Dai Nam University is committed to not increasing tuition fees throughout the 3-year program. The current tuition fee for the Economics program is 13.5 million VND per semester.

7. Numerous Scholarship Opportunities

For the academic year 2024-2025, Dai Nam University (school code DDN) has allocated a scholarship fund of 55 billion VND for the incoming freshmen of the K18 cohort. The scholarship policy has been expanded to include 7 new scholarship programs, providing more study opportunities for freshmen, especially those with outstanding academic achievements or in difficult family circumstances. This initiative aims to motivate learning and enhance the quality of high-quality human resource training for society.


  • Talent Scholarship: Covers 50-100% of tuition fees for the entire course (valued from 60.5 - 576 million VND, depending on the tuition fees of each major).
  • Encouragement Scholarship: Covers 100% of tuition fees for the first semester of the academic year 2024 – 2025 (valued from 11 - 32 million VND, depending on the tuition fees of each major).
  • Education – Health Scholarship: Ranges from 10 – 30 million VND.
  • Support Scholarship: Covers 20-30% of tuition fees for the first semester of the academic year 2024 – 2025.
  • Talent Promotion Scholarship: Covers 50 – 100% of tuition fees for the first semester of the academic year 2024 – 2025.
  • Dai Nam Scholarship: Covers 10-30% of tuition fees for the entire course (valued from 12.1 - 172.8 million VND, depending on the tuition fees of each major).

In addition to these 07 scholarship programs, DNU students can also receive other valuable scholarships such as annual scholarships, corporate scholarships, scholarships for studying abroad in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the United States, etc.

With the information provided, perhaps "What to do with an Economics degree, where to work, and how much salary?" is no longer a difficult question for those passionate about this field of study. Register today to become a student in the Economics major at Dai Nam University!

03 admission methods for the Economics major at Dai Nam University

Method 1: Based on the results of the 2024 High School Graduation Exam.

Method 2: Based on high school academic performance (Evaluation of High School Transcript). The total score of the 3 subjects in the combination for admission consideration must be ≥ 18 points.

Method 3: Direct admission according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the University.

There are 04 subject combinations for admission to the Economics major:

A00: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

A01: Mathematics, Physics, English

D01: Mathematics, Literature, English

D07: Mathematics, Chemistry, English