DNU Teacher Club: "Education is the foundation - Sharing is power"

On June 24th, Dai Nam University solemnly organized the Inauguration Ceremony of the DNU Teacher Club. Guided by the belief that "Education is the foundation - Sharing is power", the Club operates with the motto "Where there is love there is strength". It serves as a connection point for unity, happiness and personal development among the lecturers and staff. Its aim is to cultivate a dynamic, positive, passionate, innovative work environment; and to spread the spirit of community service, social responsibility, and dedication to the nation.

The Club operates on a voluntary basis

Speaking at the Inauguration Ceremony, Dr. Le Dac Son - the Chairman of the University Council, emphasized the fundamental role of Education in society, families, and individuals. Teachers, as intellectuals and talents of the nation, have the responsibility to seek truth, nurture and guide generations of students to become virtuous individuals who contribute to the prosperity and happiness of the country.

The connection of love and knowledge sharing among teachers will expand the foundation of Education. A community of knowledge, a great source of inspiration for colleagues and students, will be formed.

Dr. Le Dac Son emphasized that the strength of the Club would be a solid foundation for the development of Dai Nam University: “When individuals connect and share, their knowledge and mindset expand. I sincerely hope that lecturers would be open-minded to share and spread the spirit of the Club, thereby attracting more staff and lecturers to participate”.

Dr. Le Dac Son highlighted the crucial role of teachers for the country's development

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Van Hong - the Rector of DNU, affirmed that: The DNU Teacher Club was established to foster connections among staff and lecturers at the University. It provides diverse resources, characterized by innovative thinking, enthusiasm, a pioneering spirit, and a willingness to contribute to key tasks and breakthroughs of the University. It facilitates interaction between lecturers and staff, as well as collaborations with partners both domestically and internationally,  thereby fostering the exchange of knowledge and creating an environment that enhances teaching and scientific research. The Club serves as a platform for sharing professional knowledge, expertise, life experiences, management experiences, teaching experiences, personal experiences, and life management. It also identifies and plans for young lecturers and staff with leadership qualities to develop a source of management and leadership personnel for the University. The Club welcomes ideas and aspirations from its members to propose to the University's Governing Board and the Chairman of the University Council...

"It is the responsibility of both the University and each individual to establish connections, foster sharing, bring happiness and joy to lecturers and staff whenever they come to the University. With the collective efforts of the members of DNU Teacher Club, we will certainly create a happy environment with happy individuals..."

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Van Hong shared about the functions, tasks, mission and development vision of the DNU Teacher Club

At the Ceremony, the Executive Committee of the DNU Teacher Club was officially introduced, including: Mr. Le Dac Son - the Chairman; Mr. Pham Van Hong - the Head; Ms. Cao Thi Hoa - the Vice Head in charge of Communication & Society; Ms. Le Thi Thanh Huong - the Vice Head in charge of External Affairs; Ms. Pham Thi Lien - the Vice Head; Mr. Dinh Quang Hung - the Vice Head in charge of Club membership; Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong Le - the Vice Head and Head of the Finance Committee; Ms. Nguyen Thi Vinh Hue - the Vice Head in charge of Content; Mr. Tran Dang Cong - the Head of Assembly Committee; Mr. Le The Anh - the Head of the Content Committee; Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy - the Head of the Communications Committee; Mr. Duong Minh Tu - the Head of the External Affairs Committee; Mr. Vu Dang Tuan Anh - the Head of the Communication & Society Committee; Ms. Ha Thi Xoa - the Head of the Secretariat Committee; Ms. Pham Thi Dung - the Vice Head of the Secretariat Committee.

The Executive Committee of the DNU Teacher Club was officially launched

During the Launch Event, Dr. Le Dac Son delivered his first remarks to the Club members. With the theme of Life Management, he emphasized 05 key aspects: The principles of Intelligence, the way of Intelligence, the law of Intelligence, Methods to resolve instability, and Exploring the origins.

"If we cannot manage our own lives, we are no different from drifting water hyacinths. To attain effective management, Intelligence is necessary and we must engage in the exchange of Intelligence with one another".

Here are some pics at the Event: 

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