Advantages of being a student at Dai Nam University

1. Early graduation:

Dai Nam University offers a shortened training program that allows students to complete their studies 1 year shorter than before. They can graduate earlier, enter the workforce sooner and save tuition expenses while ensuring excellent academic quality. It also opens up opportunities for students who want to continue pursuing advanced degrees such as: Master's, Doctoral, etc.

2. Academia - industry collaborations:
From the very first year, students at Dai Nam University have the opportunity to access businesses through practical training and internships. Particularly in the Healthcare sector, they can practice and intern at prestigious hospitals having comprehensive partnerships with DNU, both in Hanoi and nationwide. 

3. Job placement support:
Dai Nam University's Career and Entrepreneurship Center ensures job placement support for all students. It assists students in connecting with potential employers while they are on campus, ensuring a smooth transition from University to the professional world. 

4. Modern and well-equipped facilities spread across a campus of nearly 10 hectares, including:

Specialized and air-conditioned classrooms

A digital library with a vast collection of resources

A modern Clinical Center for Healthcare education


A separate Pharmacy Practice Center 

02 medicine herbal gardens endorsed by the Ministry of Health

Computer labs, IT and AI & IoT training facilities 

Career and Entrepreneurship Center 

Finance & Banking and Accounting & Auditing Practical Training Center 

Practical hotel facilities ranging from 3 - 5 stars and Travel agencies in many provinces and cities nationwide

Soft skills training & E-learning classrooms, specialized studios 

Standard National defense and Security training ground on campus

Sports complex: 05 football fields, volleyball & basketball courts and a multi-purpose gymnasium, promoting both students’ academic and physical well-being

Convenient and luxurious 15-story Student Hotel, operated according to a 2 - 4 stars hotel model

The campus is surrounded by lush greenery, offering a refreshing environment with fresh air, allowing for enjoyable check-ins throughout the 12 seasons of blooming flowers

5. Dedicated and inspiring lecturers:
To become a lecturer at Dai Nam University, teachers must undergo a rigorous selection process and demonstrate exceptional qualifications to ensure a high standard of education. Moreover, students are encouraged to provide direct feedback on lecturers' performance at the end of each semester, promoting a continuous improvement cycle.

6. Specialized knowledge in training programs and fields of study:
Students receive essential knowledge in their chosen fields of study and are encouraged to self-study at their own convenience. This approach reduces academic pressure while maintaining the quality of education and assessing students' true capabilities based on labor market demands.

7. Experiential skill development:
Dai Nam University offers unique Soft skills training programs that include both basic and advanced modules, with exceptional learning and testing methods, such as Soft skills training camps.

8. Lifetime focus on healthcare and protection:
DNU focuses on fostering lifelong habits of caring for and protecting one's health. Students have access to specialized physical training programs, including: Yoga, self-defense and dance; promoting physical well-being and healthy practices throughout their lives.

9. Military education:
DNU offers a 28-day military program within a safe and convenient environment. This experience provides students with valuable military skills, enhances determination and resilience, as well as instills discipline; all while ensuring their safety and comfort.

10. Personal growth:
Dai Nam University encourages students' comprehensive personal growth through a wide range of extracurricular activities and over 30 student clubs.

11. Scholarships and financial support:
DNU and partnering enterprises provide scholarships up to billions dong annually, which alleviate the financial burden for students and create opportunities for those who may require additional assistance.

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