32 enterprises directly sign cooperation agreements with Dai Nam University: Enhancing opportunities for paid internships and employment for students.

Aiming to develop the "classroom - enterprise" training program and create a bridge for students to access enterprises from their first year, on June 13th, Dai Nam University (DNU) officially signed cooperation agreements with 32 reputable enterprises in various fields. This is an important step forward, opening up many internship and attractive career opportunities for students after graduation.


What do students get from the "handshake" between the university and 32 enterprises? 

The cooperation between Dai Nam University and enterprises brings many "golden opportunities" for students:

  • 32 enterprises accompany students throughout their learning process, sharing experiences and providing career guidance.

  • Internships in a professional and practical environment.

  • Guidance and training by experts and talented personnel in many fields.

  • Financial support from enterprises and paid according to capabilities during internships.

  • DNU students are given priority for recruitment at partner enterprises after the internship period and after graduation, ensuring stable employment.

Continuously welcoming enterprises to the university and sending students to enterprises

At the ceremony, Dr. Le Duc Son - Chairman of the University Council affirmed: The mission of Dai Nam University is to train high-quality human resources for the knowledge economy towards international integration. Therefore, expanding the "welcoming enterprises to the university and sending students to enterprises" cooperative relationship is one of the university's extremely important strategies.


With the "classroom - enterprise" training program, students become familiar with the enterprise environment, practice on high-tech equipment and production lines, shortening the distance from the classroom to practical work; have additional income sources, reducing economic burdens; increase their competitiveness in the labor market and expand future employment opportunities.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Tho - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Salemall Joint Stock Company highly appreciates the reality-oriented training program that meets the needs of enterprises in terms of personnel standards set by Dai Nam University. Instead of letting students and enterprises "find each other," the University has proactively connected employers with potential candidates. This is the right direction and creates great benefits for society.

At the end of the internship, 60% of students from the Department of E-Commerce and Digital Economics were offered permanent employment by enterprises.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Truong Duc Thao - Head of the Department of E-Commerce and Digital Economics said: At the end of the summer internship in 2023, 60% of students majoring in E-Commerce and Digital Economics were offered permanent employment by enterprises. Some students are being considered for leadership positions by enterprises.

Enterprises are satisfied and ready to prioritize recruiting Dai Nam University students. 

Within the framework of the program, the DECD Department assigned 215 students from classes K15 and K16 to various internship units.

Mr. Hoang Trung Dung - Chairman of Kingsman and Rosa Bonita shared: "Dai Nam University students possess the qualities that enterprises need. We are committed to creating all conditions for students to fully develop their capabilities in a dynamic working environment."

Nguyen Van Quan - Director of Eco Academy TMDT Consulting and Development Joint Stock Company said: "We are very satisfied with the responsiveness, activeness, and professionalism of Dai Nam University students. Eco Academy is always ready to accompany and prioritize the recruitment of Dai Nam University students."

Nhanh.vn Joint Stock Company has officially become an ideal practice and hands-on address for DNU students.

Wepower Training and Services Company Limited ensures favorable conditions for DNU students to truly learn and truly practice.

32 enterprises sign agreements with Dai Nam University

The list includes: Rosa Bonita Company Limited, Information Retrieval Technology Joint Stock Company, Haravan Technology Corporation, Atosa Technology Joint Stock Company, Nhanh.vn Joint Stock Company, Sapo Technology Joint Stock Company, DC Three Degrees Agency Company Limited, Digi Hero Advertisement Joint Stock Company, Luka Group Joint Stock Company, K-Global Corporarion Joint Stock Company, SaleMall Joint Stock Company, Vitot Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company, Ecom Academy Viet Nam Electronic Trading Joint Stock Company, Hoa Ngu Study Abroad Company Limited, Thien Long Global XNK Company Limited , UKG Group Joint Stock Company, Obaceo Joint Stock Company, Comme Online Communication Company Limited, Mela Natural Cosmetics Company Limited, Hamia Online Technology and Education Joint Stock Company, Top A Distribution Company Limited, Mega Digital Technology Joint Stock Company, VN Bic Global Company Limited, Byscom Technology and Communication Company Limited, Kio Vietnam Production and Trading Company Limited, Wepower Training and Services Company Limited, IVN Vietnam International Joint Stock Company, Educi Group Joint Stock Company, Sbooks Hanoi Company Limited, Son Thanh Company Limited, ABT Equipment Company Limited, Panax Vietnam Investment Joint Stock Company.

This cooperation is evidence of DNU's educational innovation, closely linking academics and practice. This promises to be the beginning of many successful cooperation projects in the future, contributing to training high-quality human resources for the country.

With ceaseless efforts and a reality-oriented training approach, Dai Nam University is committed to providing students with the best learning environment and ample employment opportunities after graduation.